Stationary Awnings

Traditional stationary awnings are the most common type of awnings. We custom make the frames in shop. Our awnings are made with galvinized steel frames and have awning/marine grade Sunbrella fabric covering them. The frames can be one of two different styles, traditional pipe frames are made with galvinized plumbing fittings, the other style is a welded steel frame.

We can make custom spear arms for stationary awnings as well. Let us know if you would like to see this option and we can go into more detail about the different spear tips and arm types that are available.


Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are a great way to keep a patio or balcony out of the sun, without the permanent structure of a traditional awning. The awning and frame itself retract to the wall and can be motorized and remote controlled. This is a perfect option for anyone who wants to enjoy their outdoor space year round.


Sliding Canopies

Sliding Canopies can be a great way to protect from the sun, while having the option to let some light in. We make our sliding canopies with awning/marine grade Sunbrella fabric. We mount them using aluminum tracks with rollers or on stainless steel cables and rings. The canopies can be operated with ropes and pulleys or with a hook and handle.